by Fruiting Bodies

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released July 5, 2013

Fruiting Bodies is:
Stefanie Dimitrovas (voice, guitar),
Eleuthera Diconca-Lippert (voice, spoken word)
Meghan Riley (voice, guitar)

All songs written by Fruiting Bodies

Percussion: Lisandre Bourdages (lisandre.bourdages@gmail.com)

Harp: Coralie Gauthier (grenadine_07@hotmail.com)

Produced, recorded, and mixed by Andrew David

Recorded at the Loyola Chapel and The Little Studio That Love Built, Montreal, Qc

Mastered by Vincent Cardinal at Studio Plasma

Photography by Kinga Michalska (www.kinkaphoto.tumblr.com)

Layout and Design: Stefanie Dimitrovas

Contact us: www.fruitingbodiesmtl.com




Fruiting Bodies Montréal, Québec

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Track Name: Fluid Blues
Nowhere near the surface,
Further down in fluid blues,
Heart heavy in scarlet,
Further down in fluid blues,

Lavender fore-fronted,
Fuzzy in my eyes,
Fuzzy pedals blooming,
and drooping out of my eyes,

Nowhere near the surface,
looking for an outside light,
looking for an outside light,

Feel the warmth,
Snuggle up inside
My dim scarlet,
My bursting scarlet,
Glimmering heart, red light.
Track Name: In this Egg
And the answer comes down from the sky
I love you, I’m starting to cry now
and it’s it the rain
It’s in the sunshine

And in this egg, there is me
a mother, waiting to be
and from my body
she will break into the light of day

To the son I will never have
The song I sing, it will be for you
To the son I will never have
To you my son,
To the son I will never have

I wish for you secretly,
Melodies work their way through my veins,
Hoping towards sunshine,
Showing you the light of day.
You and I, hand in hand,
Your eyes are mine and my love’s,
Both of us twisted, braided together body and soul,
You are our song, you are our song.
Track Name: River Song
Drop down, let settle, lay here,
In shade and cool water.
Lay here, lay here.
Drink up and dissolve.

Take time, and passage, lay here
For a moment’s measure.
Tongued tones, inner ear,
Holding round resonance.

Solace inside, a million waves, and mirrors
Returns to you harmoniously.
Lay here, lay here.

Here, the sun does warm your face,
Here, you begin to melt away,
Your arms are open wide,
And you ask all love,
Come inside, and hold this space.
Track Name: Weft in the Woven
Spun tight, tongue tied, unbind, loosen.

At first it was a matter of choking on a thread,
untied, (choking on a thread) and fraying.

Feeding the weaving between heart strings.

Nature’s unravelling,
(a string pulled, a string plucked),
a knitting together from fraying ends.

Woven, unravelling.


Untied, never ever still (listen).

Nature is woven, and unravelling.
Track Name: Dawn
Light the day,
Come fly.
Light the day,
Come the night.
Track Name: Some Part of Knowing
Come on, I know you
If you’d just be still
Fit into the picture I drew of you
There is room that is big enough for you

If I could hold all of you
I would not just stand with it still
I would take it
and run it straight into the glare of the sunshine,
with hands too hot, to cool it down

Some part of knowing what is love
Is you give it away, You give it away..

It is flowing like blood through the vein,
Blood the heart knows not to restrain

Some part of knowing what is love,
Is that one cannot contain or keep it,
One cannot have control of it.

It is flowing like blood through the vein,
Blood the heart knows not to restrain,
Blood the heart would not dare to restrain.

It is flowing.
Track Name: What Be Must Is
Yo, off the beat,
The rich tapestry of which I speak,
Time unravelling, wondrous feat,
Seen in the eyes of all beings I meet.
The magic that brings us together, pulls us apart,
That place deep deep down in my heart,
Moved by my ancestors,
Common place from which we all start,
A divine thought that lit the spark.
Of soul that infuses the world, no one knows where it goes,
we just got to follow, be open to
Be present.

Hear this:
Trust and the universe provides,
Singing it glides, through our lungs,
Open faces, the ones,
that we love, we are carried.
New ground, to be explored, to be found.
Where blessings abound.
As do obstacles, hand in hand,
As sure as I do stand, they intertwine.
Neverminding the mind that perceives them as separate,
The balance they bind is unworded and delicate,
Forming the lines of the path we must follow,
With intention we climb from today to tomorrow.
Track Name: El Principio
En el principio habia tres,
Mujer, hombre, y la separación entre ellos.
Cuando en lo mas íntimo sus llemas se tocan tentativas,
Estirandose, ansiosas.
Pero el espacio entre ellos es amplio,
Entonces toman de si mismos para crear nuevamente,
Todo su energía, desplegada y intercambiada,
Construye, intensa, crece, temblando.
Y estan cerca de el otro, y de si mismos por un tiempo.
Hasta que el espacio entre ellos se vuelve muy pequeo,
Y eso que han creado, es forzado,
Como ellos no pueden nunca tocar,
Para incarnarse, en la forma de un niño.

In the beginning there were three,
Woman, man and the divide between them.
At their most intimate their tips touch tentative,
stretching, eager,
but the divide between them is wide.
So they take of themselves to create anew,
All their energy builds intense, grows trembling.
And they are close to the other and to themselves for a time,
Until the space between them becomes too small,
And that which they have created is forced,
as they and it can never touch,
To become incarnate, in the form of a child.